Welcome To Tender Oak Ranch

Tender Oak Ranch is located in beautiful eastern San Diego County, in the shadows of El Cajon Mountain, locally known as “El Capitan” or simply “El Cap.”  The mountain’s nick name is due to her similarities of towering rock face and rugged beauty to the more famous El Capitan Mountain in Yosemite Valley. The family has owned, farmed and ranched in this lovely setting for five generations, beginning in 1908, over 100 years ago!  Our dogs enjoy playing with the grandkids on the grass and taking walks along our little dirt road.  A favorite spot is the family oak on the upper hillside planted almost 40 years ago.  This is where we take our name, “Tender Oak Ranch.”

Labrador Retrievers Playful & Intelligence Score 100
We are country folks who love and enjoy animals! With that passion we can confidently state, “Our mission is to hand-raise puppies, to properly socialize them to live as family pets, to follow the proper breeding and vaccination guidelines to safeguard the health of our puppies. We do all we can do to insure that our pups will be happy, well-adjusted and well cared for in their future ‘forever’ homes.”
We have experienced first-hand the fun, the enjoyment, the satisfaction and the security that having a family dog can bring. We believe families should have pets, and the most loving, loyal, and protective pets are canine. Dogs have a long history with humans and have served many purposes. Breeds are all different and each family needs to ponder the reason they would like to have a dog. Some breeds prefer to sit on your lap for hours on end, but others like the Labrador Retriever, especially while young, would rather interact in outdoor activities. They are a playful, intelligent, breed that try to please their masters. They love going on walks and playing fetch. It’s important to match the breed to your family’s desires.
Our promise is that we lovingly hand-raise our puppies and socialize them to be family pets. We promise to follow proper breeding and vaccination guidelines. We promise to advertise our puppies honestly and accurately. We promise to provide you, our clients, with all known information about our breeding program and our puppies. We promise to do all in our ability to deliver the advertised and selected pup. We promise to give care instructions, to offer suggestions and support, and to answer any questions our buyers may have for the entirety of the puppy’s life to the best of our ability.
Labrador Retriever
Labrador RetrieverPlayful and Intelligent
According to recent studies, Labradors are the 7th most intelligent canine breed and according to the American Kennel Club Labradors are “smartest guide dogs”. Labradors are highly trainable and are very eager to please. We generally pre-sell our Lab puppies so if you’re looking to buy a puppy from Tender Oak Ranch, be sure and get on our waiting list right away.