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What should I feed my puppy?2015-05-04T21:43:33+00:00

We feed Life’s Abundance to our dogs everyday. We recommend maintaining that diet for the life of your pet. For more information on Life’s Abundance, click here

How does your adoption process work?2020-04-15T11:28:12+00:00

We’re excited you’re interested in one of our beautiful Labrador pups. We begin our waiting list before each litter is born. There are 3 categories of people on the list:

Tentative Buyers have let us know that they are hoping to purchase a pup
Confirmed Buyers have put down a $500 deposit and secured their place in line to pick a pup as soon as it’s old enough
Paid-in-Full Buyers have actually selected their pup and paid the balance.

Although you may chose to remain on the Tentative Buyer list, Confirmed Buyers who have already paid the deposit will be given priority in the selection line-up. Likewise, Paid in-Full Buyers are given priority over those who do not complete their purchase in a timely manner.

When the pups are about five to six weeks old, we will notify our Confirmed Buyers that the puppies are ready to be chosen. If a Confirmed Buyer is unable to come in person to visit to make their selection, the pups can be viewed via FaceTime or with videos which we can send. The selection process is done in the order in which the buyers have made their deposits. If for any reason the full price is not paid in a timely manner, that pup will not be saved for that buyer, nor will pups be allowed to leave until full payment is received.

If you would like to be added to the list, Please call Judy at 619-443-8966.

Is it hard to pick a puppy?2020-04-15T11:28:12+00:00

If you’re first on the Confirmed Buyer list, that means you get first pick of whichever gender you’re looking to adopt. When the puppies are 5-6 weeks old, their features and personalities really start to blossom at which point, we contact all our confirmed buyers and make appointments to come and see the pups. Whether it’s a physical characteristic you’re looking for or a personality trait, you will be able to spot the right fit at your visit. Once your choice has been made, we recommend paying the balance even though the puppy is not old enough to leave just yet. The priority for all buyers starts in the order deposits are made, and is honored in the order balances are paid.