Picking your puppy!

It’s difficult to choose which puppy to take home when all of them are so adorable. But sometimes the puppy chooses you!

We have lots of fun when our buyers come to select and take home their puppy. This is how the process works. When we receive payments on a particular litter of upcoming puppies, we place each buyer on a first paid, first pick basis. The pick date is always clearly stated on the website so when deciding which litter to place a deposit on, please keep in mind you’ll need to be available to come select your puppy on the pick date listed on the website. If you’re unable to come in person, we can use FaceTime to pick your puppy. When pick day comes, each buyer is scheduled for a particular time slot. We schedule each visit 1.5 hours apart so as to allow each buyer a chance to sit and meet the puppies and take their time choosing. During this time we will thoroughly discuss with each of the families the particular needs of the puppy and go over important care instructions. We do ask everyone to be prompt for their appointment slot as we need to respectfully meet the appointment time for the next buyer. Once the first puppy is chosen, he or she will go home and second pick will be scheduled until each of the puppies from the litter is gone. Generally this process takes place on the weekend closest to the puppies 8 week birthday. Please note the pick up location varies depending which location the puppies are being raised at.

Below are a few pictures of some of our buyers picking their puppies. You can tell from the looks on their faces what a boring task it is!