A well socialized puppy makes a wonderful addition to your family.

We believe strongly in the method of socialization. All of our puppies are born right here at Tender Oak Ranch and are handled and loved every day since birth. Starting at an early age it is imperative to interact, set routines, pet and play with your puppy, basically allowing them to become familiar with your routines. Take your puppy on walks, go to pet-friendly stores, get him or her accustomed to other dogs, to strangers, to children, etc. Give your puppy a variety of stimulation — cars, vacuum cleaners, cats or other pets, relatives who might come and visit.

Reward them by petting and holding. Give them verbal rewards, but also gently correct them if they snap or growl at others. A properly socialized puppy should not be fearful or aggressive. Properly socializing a puppy takes time and commitment beginning with the breeder and continuing with the puppies new family. And a new puppy buyer should easily tell which puppies have been properly socialized and handled and which have not. Below are pictures of a few of our daily “play dates” with the neighborhood kids.

Socializing begins at birth. Puppies must be gently handled and spoken to from day 1 so they can learn to trust humans. The first several weeks of a puppies life are the most impressionable.
Getting along with other dogs is a learned behavior. Around 4 weeks of age, we begin introducing our puppies to some of our older, gentle females. As the puppies continue to grow, we supervise daily play dates with well mannered, younger dogs.
I truly believe that one bad incident can ruin a puppy’s personality for life. If a puppy is terrorized even once by a child, he will never like children. The trash truck made a loud noise which scared him? He will forever hate the trash truck. Get mad and yell at your puppy and he will learn to distrust humans. Fear is not a good way to train your puppy.